Come by in Paris the 1st of October

In collaboration with AlterEthic, Budget Our Planet presents its solution to accelerate your environmetal transition at the salon “Les Acteurs Priv├ęs Non Lucratifs”, on the 1st of October in Paris.

BudgetOurPlanet analyses your societal and environmental impact through your daily consumption habits, and help you to transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

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Why should you act?
In France, on average:
78% of the plastics are not recycled.
we eat 6% of organic food.
1.5 kg of meat is consummed on a weekly basis versus 500g that is usually recommended
Only 3.6% of the price for clothing goes to the salary of the worker.
3 planets would be required if everybody was consumming like me.
I have a lot of questions but no answers:
Is the food I buy safe for my family?
The clothes I buy for my kids, have hey been made by other kids?
Are the changes I am making reduce significally my ecological footprint?
I do not have time to look for alternatives!

Why us?

BudgetOurPlanet is aimed at:

Analyzing my consumption with the help of Open Data
Knowing my impact on the environment, on my health, and on the society
Understanding in a global and continuous fashion
Acting thanks to recommandations and incentives
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How to use it?

BudgetOurPlanet can be integrated as an API for entreprise or consumer based applications

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