Pilot your
carbon strategy

A web application, connected to your information system, that enables you to produce a compliant carbon assessment of your organization. Without previous knowledge, in a simple and continuous manner.

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Compliant carbon footprint reporting
Member of ABC and APCC

Organizations engaged in their carbon transition

How does it work?

Everything starts with your activity...
Capital Assets
in your IT system...
Accounting Entries
Expenses Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Scanned invoices
and processed
by our impact engine.

The application that pilot your low-carbon transition

Budget Our Planet help you from the data analysis up to the set-up of your low-carbon transition plan. Budget Our Planet apply data inferring and AI.

The solution is targeted for for-profit businesses, but also non-profit organizations.


Comparing by sites, team members, projects, ...


Continuous follow-up of the actions that you have initiated


Automated environmental plan


Carbon accounting done simply and aligned to the best practices

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A solution for all the stakeholders of your organization

Engage your organization in the fight against Global Warming

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