Your expenses guide your ecological transformation

Lead your organization into environmental sustainability using automatic expense analysis

Free and without engagement

Lead your organization into environmental sustainability

A solution to automatically evaluate your environmental impact in less than one hour
Budget Our Planet uses hybrid methods around data analysis, business rules, and IA algorithms.

Comparaison by sites, team members, projects…

Continuous follow-up of the actions that you have initiated

Automated environmental plan

Carbon accounting done simply and aligned to the best practices

A solution for all the stakeholders of your organisation
Budget Our Planet is meant for for-profit businesses, but also non-profit organizations.
Execution of the vision and mission of the organization within the framework of sustainable development
Identification of the services and products that will be the most impacted by climate change
Reconciliation of the financial objectives with environmental urgency
Engagement of the workforce with sustainable practices
Become more desirable to top-graduates
Increase the well-being of the workforce
A complete view of costs (productivity, environment, lifecycle cost analysis)
Energy-Conscious leads to overall cost reduction
Advice about cost reduction
Compliance with norms (NF X50-135-1, ISO 26000)
Access to new markets (requiring responsible sourcing)
Competitive advantage
Facilitate communication to existing customers and potential clients
Facilitate compliance at low-cost
Promote communication around Corporate Responsibility
Set-up best practices in terms of corporate reporting and international standards
How does it work?
Budget Our Planet analyzes your expenses, your accounting entries, your scanned document as to assess your carbon footprint on a continuous basis.

A subscription-based solution. Simple. Without Obligation.
Engage your organization in the fight against Global Warming

Ready to engage the environmental transformation of your business?

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